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Maria Karimpidi works with steel wire, tiles, tape, cardboard and acrylic paint. For her three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional acrylic paintings, she uses the language of architecture and an abstract form of collage to construct spaces and scenes.

In her works she shows everyday objects that suggest human use or creation. Even nature is in a state manipulated by human - natural stone slabs and potted plants or pools as artificial lakes. But there is no one there.

The arrangement of the objects and the constructed surrounding as well as the absence of the human leads to a utopian environment. The fact that the objects are not always designed according to the laws of physics reinforces this quality - two dimensional chairs and tables or stairs defying the force of gravity. 

Monochrome backgrounds and surfaces give the works a contextless almost anonymous framing, in contrast the finely sculpted details suggest an intimate insight - but who is there, who created them and for what reason and at what time? Is someone coming back?


2013, Graduated in Fine Arts, Thessaloniki. 

2013-16, working as a visual artist on Crete. 

Since 2016-present living and working as a visual in Aachen, Germany 

Since 2019-present, lecturer at School of Arts (Bleiberger Fabrik)


Atelierhaus Aachen, since 2021

BBK Aachen, since 2018 (Federal Association of Visual Artists)


2022 «Andere Bilder», group exhibition Centre Charlemagne Aachen, Curator: Dr. Dirk Tölke, Art Historian

2022 «Welcome to my crib», group exhibition (, Curated

2022 «Barock NOW», group exhibition Atelierhaus Aachen

2022 «SUNNY DAY», solo exhibition Atelierhaus Aachen, Introduction: Dr. Dirk Tölke, Art Historian

2021 «Hard Facts», group exhibition Atelierhaus Aachen

2021 «Geometric Paradise», solo exhibition Gravur Aachen

2021 «Kunstroute Aachen», Participation, Citywide exhibitions

2021 «KUBOSHOW», online exhibition, Herne, NRW, May and November

2021, «Farbe Grün», group exhibition Kulturwerk Aachen e.V. Kunstladen Aachen

2020/2021, «Trotz allem Gold», group exhibition Kulturwerk Aachen e.V. Kunstladen Aachen

2020, «Rohstoff Kunst», annual exhibition BBK Aachen

2019, «Schwarz und Weiß», Gravieranstalt Aachen, curator: Dr. Dirk Tölke, Art Historian

2018, part of the permanent exhibition, Galerie Freitag 18.30, Aachen Germany

2018, «Two Points of View», solo exhibition, Atelier 21, Aachen Germany, curator: Dr. Dirk Tölke, Art Historian 

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